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Ridgeside K9 Toledo - Professional Dog Training

Ridgeside K9 Toledo’s dog training classes offer a way to train your pup in obedience, manners, and more. These are group and private lessons that will help you teach your dog good behavior with fun methods. Our trainers at Ridgeside K9 Toledo have decades of experience with dogs and are always happy to answer any questions or chat about their experiences.

The best part is the prices for these classes; they’re very reasonable considering how much time you could spend trying to teach yourself or just using YouTube videos.

Brent is the owner and head trainer of Ridgeside K9 Toledo.  He is a 21 year veteran of law enforcement.  He spent 17 year with the Littleton Colorado Police Department and 4 years with the Toledo Police Department.  During his career he served in Patrol, SWAT, Honor Guard, and as a K9 Handler.  Brent also served as an Field Training Instructor teaching and guiding new officers fresh out of the academy. 

Brent began training dogs in 2001 while handling a Tracking/Trailing Bloodhound.  Brent learned these skills from the Colorado Department of Corrections K9 unit which was nationally known for successfully tracking down prison escapees. He continued learning how to work and train dogs by assisting neighboring agencies as a decoy.  

In 2007 Brent completed a proposal and then successfully convinced his city council to start a K9 program from scratch.  Brent was selected as one of the first handlers and went through a 6 week handler course in Indiana.  He then went through an additional 4 weeks of K9 field training back in Colorado. 

In 2011 Brent became a certified K9 training instructor and certifying official.  He also continued his training by attending any class or seminar he could find.  Brent also assisted other instructors in teaching K9 tactical seminars to civilian and military handlers across the country. 

In addition to helping to train working dogs, Brent would help family and friends with their pet dogs.  

In 2022 Brent wanted to transition out of Law Enforcement to focus on his passion of training dogs full-time.  He joined forces with Ridgeside K9 Ohio and together they opened Ridgeside K9 Toledo.  One of his favorite things about training at Ridgeside K9  is the opportunity to help owners build a positive relationship with their dogs.

WHY RIDGESIDE K9 Dog Training?

Are you a pet parent looking for the best puppy training classes or pup programs for potty training? Are you hoping to enjoy loose leash walking with your pooch but have an extremely busy schedule? You may be looking for a pup training program that includes a training collar. Whatever the case, at Ridgeside K9, based in Toledo, OH, we offer a wide range of pet training solutions. We can train your dog to obey basic cues, such as:

  • Basic commands (sit, stay, down, etc.)
  • Door manners
  • Leash manners
  • and much more

We currently offer immersive home-based board and trains and plan to open a facility in the near future to expand our training services, including daycare and classes.


Training The Dog

First step in training is teaching a clear communication system to the dog. We have to have a way to clearly communicate with dogs what we want and don’t want from them. We will teach them obedience that works anywhere! Doesn’t matter where you go, whether it’s a busy park or grandma’s house, our system works!

Training The Owner

The second and most important step to training is training the owners! At graduation, we spend 3 hours educating you the owner! We teach, show you and coach you. We want you to learn how to properly communicate with your pup so you can build a stronger relationship.

Maintenance Training

Here at Ridgeside K9, we offer various ways to keep up with your training to be able to include lifetime support. We hold group refresher training for all prior clients. Also, we offer pack walks and have a Facebook family group to be able to ask questions and connect with other owners.